Landlords, are you looking for stress-free rent without the risk?


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GuaranteedSale+ can get you moving even if you owe more money on your mortgage than your house is worth.   


We pride ourselves on our personal service and can help people in all sorts of different situations...

Difficulty Selling

Retiring Landlord

Broken Chain


No Equity

Facing Repossession

Divorce /  Separation


We are not estate agents and can buy your property for cash.   If you have a property problem then contact the local property problem solvers now.

GuaranteedRent+ is perfect for those landlords that like the certainty every month the rent is paid, and their property is being well looked after.

We call it stress-free rent, without the risk, and here’s why…

5 years  Rent Guaranteed

Rent Paid  In Advance

No Void Periods

Renovations &

Furnishings funded

Maintenance & Cleaning

Tenant Finding

& Management

No Rent Arrears

Deposits & Referencing

No Unexpected Bills

Your property returned in the same or better condition

Market Comparison

Landlords, if you self-manage, or use a letting agent, just take a look 

how GuaranteedRent+ provides the maximum benefits for you.


Risk  -  High

Fees  -  Low

Guaranteed Rent  -  No

Standard of Property  -  Neutral

Cleaner  -  No

Regular Inspection  -  No

Gardener  -  No

Maintenance  -  No

Refurbishment  -  No

Time saving  -  None

Letting Agents

Risk  -  Medium

Fees  -  High

Guaranteed Rent  -  No

Standard of Property  -  Decreases

Cleaner  -  No

Regular Inspection  -  No

Gardener  -  No

Maintenance  -  No

Refurbishment  -  No

Time saving  -  Some


Risk  -  Low

Fees  -  Zero

Guaranteed Rent  -  Yes

Standard of Property  -  Increases

Cleaner  -  Yes

Regular Inspection  -  Yes

Gardener  -  Yes

Maintenance  -  Yes

Refurbishment  -  Yes

Time saving  -  Total


We're a People Business helping Homeowners and Landlords solve Property Problems with Speed and Certainty


Landlord Rent


Do you know how much rent ends up in your pocket after you deduct all the costs and VAT? 


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Trying to sell your property fast to quickly solve a financial problem?

If this sounds like you, it means that you may end up literally giving away your capital to the buyer to complete your property sale, but it doesn’t have to be this way.


If your property’s condition, or your position is not favourable to selling for the price you want, on the time scale you want, then Contact the Brighton Property Angels and ask about GuaranteedSale+ today.


We can help homeowners improve the condition of their property so it achieves a higher sales price, quicker, and if you’re struggling to sell due to financial problems, GuaranteedSale+ from Brighton Property Angels can help you.


About Us

The husband and wife team, Andrew and Kate Cusack, launched Brighton Property Angels in 2019.   Andrew and Kate have lived in Brighton since 2008, in which time they have bought and sold property all across the city


Andrew and Kate have a successful track record in the Brighton property market, both personally and professionally.  Their experience as landlords and developers in Brighton has created a Brighton property network of reliable service providers, such as contractors, letting agents, solicitors, and estate agents.

Landlords and residents in Brighton can benefit from our property network, so that's how we had the idea for Brighton Property Angels.


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